DIY Emergency Pet Evacuation Pack

Preparing for an emergency often means having an emergency kit available. This is something that will typically contain various supplies, such as food and batteries for electronics. However, many people do not think to have an emergency kit for their pets. If you ever need to evacuate your home in … [Read more...]

23 Preparedness Sewing Projects

There are many preparedness sewing projects you easily can do based on your particular needs and novice-level sewing skills. The most important thing about preparedness sewing projects is the proper equipment. Knowing how to use a needle and thread is where you'll need to start, but eventually … [Read more...]

36 More Weekend Survival And Preparedness Projects

If you loved our post on 36 Weekend Preparedness Projects, then you'll appreciate this one too because it's an additional list of essential projects to help you reach your level of preparedness. Even if you are not completely into the prepper movement, you will find some practical and useful tips … [Read more...]

36 Weekend Preparedness Projects

There is a lot of work, time, and effort that goes into emergency preparation projects. If you break it down, complete preparation is achieved by accomplishing several smaller tasks. If you look it from this perspective, the enormity of completing your emergency preparedness plan may not feel so … [Read more...]