How To Hook Up A Generator To Your Home

Do you dread losing power to your home when an unexpected event occurs? If you do not have a solar power system or backup power in place, then a few options need to be considered. The best way to get power is to hook up a generator to your home. There are many ways to hook up a generator to your … [Read more...]

The 14 Coolest Generators To Make For Living Off The Grid

Are you interested in ways to generate electricity so you can live off the grid? One option is to set up a system that uses renewable energy. Solar power is one option and wind turbines is another. There are a lot of generators to make for living off the grid if you want to use wind … [Read more...]

DIY Solar Power Project For The Shed Or Chicken Coop

Saving money on your property can be done in many ways. One option you may want to use is a solar power set up for a hen house and other structures. There are a few things that will need to be done when you want to do any solar power project on your homestead. A solar power project is a great way … [Read more...]

DIY Vertical Axis Wind Turbine

Do you want a way to generate power at home naturally? This can be done in many ways based on the results that you want to achieve and the work that is required. Solar power is one option, but a cheaper way to go is to make a vertical axis wind turbine. The frame of a vertical axis wind turbine … [Read more...]

11 Ways To Light Your Home When The Power Goes Out

Are you prepared as you should be if the power goes out in your home? One thing that may not be available if the power goes out is good a source of light. This will not be a problem during the day if you areĀ on a floor with windows. However, you may need multiple ways to light your home. One of … [Read more...]