9 Ornamental Plants You Can Eat

Do you have a lot of flowers or some ornamental plants around the outside of your home? Many people have various items in pots or flower beds to add visual appeal to a landscape. One interesting thing you may not know is there are many types of ornamental plants you can eat. The types of … [Read more...]

How To Keep Animals Away From Trees And Plants

Do you have various plants and trees in your yard that are being devoured by animals? You might have wild animals and even domesticated animals that can cause a lot of damage. The perfect option to keep animals away from trees and plants is to use a fence, but not in a conventional way. Setting … [Read more...]

9 Greens You Can Grow All Winter

Planting a garden is a great way to have various types of fruits and vegetables for food. The bad part is the growing season is typically limited to certain times of the year. However, this will not be a problem if you know specific types of greens you can grow all winter. If you live in a … [Read more...]

How To Grow Gorgeous House Plants From Fruit And Veg Scraps You Would Normally Throw Away

Do you have a lot of food scraps that are typically¬†thrown away or added to a compost pile? A better option is to keep a few of those food scraps to regrow. You can grow gorgeous house plants from fruit and veg scraps. This can be done using seeds and pieces of plants. The most important thing to … [Read more...]

6 Ways To Make A Natural Rooting Hormone

Do you have cuttings that you like to regrow to plant in your garden or in a few containers? This is a great way to grow a new batch of plants without having to plant seeds. Your cuttings will successfully grow if the proper steps are taken and you use a natural rooting hormone. A lot of products … [Read more...]

How To Grow Blackberries On A Trellis

Have you seen wild blackberries growing in a park, in a field or along the road? These berries are similar to raspberries and grow on a cane or stalk. Blackberries are a great type of fruit to plant in your garden. However, you can also grow blackberries on a trellis. The key to being able to … [Read more...]

How To Build A Vertical Hydroponic Farm

Are you looking for a fun project that you can do to grow plants at home? You will have many ways to do this based on available space and other factors. If you want to have something special, then you can set up a vertical hydroponic farm. The key to a vertical hydroponic farm is being able to … [Read more...]

DIY Garden Container Enclosure

Are you knee deep in the process of container gardening? The only downside to growing various plants in containers is they are not exactly pretty. Buckets are the most common container you can use for this activity. However, buckets can easily be hidden if you build a garden container … [Read more...]

How To Use Epsom Salt For Sweeter Tastier Tomatoes

You may already know how certain products can be used to help improve your health. One useful product can be even used to help your garden produce a bumper crop of fruits and vegetables. Do you know that you can use epsom salt for sweeter tastier tomatoes? Epsom salt is basically another name for … [Read more...]

Portable Solar Powered Aquaponics Garden Can Grow Food Year Round

Living off the grid means having options available for food, water, and electricity. Solar power is often the best option as there is an unlimited supply that can be collected. You can even make your own solar powered aquaponics garden that is totally portable. The key to building a solar powered … [Read more...]