Easy Hanging Planter DIY

Do you know that a trip to a thrift store can provide you with a lot of material to use to decorate? A great way to display flowers and plants in a┬áhome is to hang them from the ceiling. You can easily do this by making an easy hanging planter from a few simple items. You can use items like … [Read more...]

Guide: Make A Strawberry Planter From A Kitty Litter Bucket

Do you have cats as pets and go through a lot of kitty litter? If you buy the product in buckets, then you have a great item that can have a lot of uses. Buckets are good for storage, but you know you can make a strawberry planter from a kitty litter bucket? You can easily make a strawberry … [Read more...]

DIY Cedar Wall Planter

Growing your own herbs is a great way to have fresh ingredients when preparing meals. One way to do this is to plant some herbs in a garden. Container gardening is another way to do. If you want to have something that is DIY, then a cedar wall planter is a great idea. A cedar wall planter will be … [Read more...]

DIY Vertical Planter Garden

Many fun and unique design elements can easily be added to a home. If you are interested in having a planter for the outside of your house, then a vertical planter is something to consider. The best place to use this planter is against a wall or a fence, but it can be freestanding too. You should … [Read more...]