Natural Flea Repellent Dry Dog Shampoo Recipe

Products that are found at most pet stores to treat fleas include soaps and powders. They contain a variety of chemicals and additives that add a fragrance and help deodorize. If you are concerned about the effects of store bought flea powders and soaps, then another solution is necessary. One … [Read more...]

DIY Pet Steps

Small dogs typically cannot jump very high and may not be able to get up on a bed or other furniture in a home. Older dogs also may not be able to reach a comfortable area that is too high. One option you have is to purchase a pet ladder at a local pet store. If the items you find seem too … [Read more...]

DIY Kennel Enclosure With Wire Closet Shelving And Cable Ties

People who have pets might need to have a way to keep them in a confined area temporarily. Many may simply put pets in another room in their home. This often is the only option if dogs or cats are not to be outside. However, pets may also need to be separated from time to time. If you do not have a … [Read more...]

DIY Emergency Pet Evacuation Pack

Preparing for an emergency often means having an emergency kit available. This is something that will typically contain various supplies, such as food and batteries for electronics. However, many people do not think to have an emergency kit for their pets. If you ever need to evacuate your home in … [Read more...]

Quick And Easy Pet Odor Removal Spray

Anyone with a pet is familiar with odors that can develop on furniture, carpeting, and other places pets may go. One of the most common pet odors is the result of urine. This can occur from a dog or cat that does not get outside or fails to use the litter box. However, there is a solution that can … [Read more...]