7 Beneficial Insects To Protect Your Garden

The bane of a lot of gardeners is insects that eat and destroy flowers or crop plants. However, there are a lot of insects that can actually be helpful to keep your garden healthy. You will need to know the exact types of beneficial insects to protect your garden. You need to research the types … [Read more...]

Home Remedies For Centipedes

Do you have a variety of pests that seem to get in your home during the summer months? Two pests that are found in most homes are ants and spiders. However, centipedes are also a common pest. Natural remedies for centipedes are available if you find that your home has been invaded by these … [Read more...]

Repel Mosquitoes With Marigolds And 38 Other Plants

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10 Companion Plants To Ward Off Beetles And Other Pests

Do you have a garden or area with plants that always seems to be inundated with pests like beetles and other bugs? Treating a garden with chemical pesticides is not good for your plants and will mean you need to look for a suitable alternative. One effective option is to use companion plants to ward … [Read more...]

30+ Little Known Uses For Borax

Making your own cleaning products is one step to eliminate toxic chemicals from your home. Many recipes can be used depending on the cleaning product you need. One of the main ingredients used in a variety of simple homemade cleaning products is borax. There are many awesome uses for borax you may … [Read more...]

10 Incredible Uses For Epsom Salt In the Garden

Are you someone who likes to find extraordinary uses for common products? A good product that is used in a lot of home remedies is Epsom salt. This product can also be used if you want to start the process or organic gardening. There are a few awesome uses for Epsom salt in the garden. You may … [Read more...]

6 Ways To Use Garlic In The Garden

If you're serious about your garden, then you'll want to learn how to use garlic in the garden. The compounds in garlic will help with many common problems. It's strong scent is one of the main reasons why it is effective as a lawn and garden helper. Use garlic to ward off mosquitos, as a companion … [Read more...]