Tips For Repelling Coop Critters Naturally

Are you raising chickens on a¬†homestead and have a coop that seems to attract rodents and a variety of other pests? Coop critters are not typically welcome as they often carry disease and will eat the food too. Luckily, repelling coop critters naturally is not that difficult. One of the easiest … [Read more...]

How To Get Rid Of Mice In Your Home And Garage

Do you have a problem with mice in your garage? These pests can cause many problems if you do not find a good way to get rid of them. You may not know there are mice in your garage until you see some signs or damage. There are many ways to get rid of mice if you have a problem. A cat is the best … [Read more...]

Home Remedies For Fleas And Other Pet Pests

Do you have pets that like to play outside or go outside to do their business? One thing you may find in your home if you are not diligent is fleas and a variety of other pests. Fleas are the most common pests that you are likely to encounter in your home. This means home remedies for fleas may be … [Read more...]

Natural Fly Bunting For Chicken Coop, Barn, And Picnic Area

Are you getting sick and tired of having flies constantly swarming around your chicken coop? Spraying for flies is not the best option because sprays contain harsh chemicals. A better idea is to set up a natural trap to keep flies at bay. A great option is to make natural fly bunting. You can … [Read more...]

How To Get Rid Of Ants Naturally

There are many fun things to look forward to during the summer and some things that will not be so fun. A problem with ants in the home is something that is not so fun. You can apply chemical sprays to treat an ant problem, but there are effective ways to get rid of ants naturally. Ants seem to … [Read more...]

DIY Mosquito Killing Ovitrap

Do you live in an area that is infested with mosquitoes? There are many ways that you can deal with an infestation of mosquitoes that do not involve the use of any chemical pesticides. One solution that can work in all types of areas is a mosquito killing ovitrap. This device is similar to the … [Read more...]

3 Ways To Protect Root Crops From Gophers And Moles

Are you trying to grow root crops in a garden and see they are being devoured by pests like moles and gophers? There are many ways to protect root crops from gophers and moles. You simply need to find a solution that will have the desired results. Scaring away pests is a great way to protect root … [Read more...]

DIY Advanced Tree Rat Defense System

Do you have a problem with squirrels at your home? Some people often refer to squirrels as tree rats because they act just like rodents and can seem more like annoying pests. Most people who live in a city cannot kill squirrels and means a tree rat defense system is the best option. A tree rat … [Read more...]

5 Natural Ways To Get Rid Of Silverfish

Do you live in an area that is more wet than dry during the summer? If your home is too humid, then it could be a great place for insects like silverfish. This is a type of insect is basically harmless, but it will be creepy all the same. Luckily, there are many natural ways to get rid of … [Read more...]

Guinea Fowl: Your Overlooked Backyard Buddy

Are you looking for a way to improve the efficiency of your homestead? You have many options based on the type of property you have to the animals you want. Chickens are great for eggs and meat, but a better option may be to add¬†some guinea fowl. This is not an exotic species as there are many … [Read more...]