How To Convert An Outdoor Shed Into A Smokehouse

Do you have an old wood shed that is not getting a lot of use? A shed can be purchased or made from a variety of wood and the right set of plants. You can even convert an outdoor shed into a smokehouse to use to cook a lot of meats. The best way to convert an outdoor shed into a smokehouse is to … [Read more...]

DIY Outdoor Hanging Lamps

Are you interested in adding a decorative element to your garden or outside your home? One thing you may want to do is add some outdoor hanging lamps. A great way to do this is to make a lamp stand as a fun DIY project. This is something you can do in about two hours or less. The type of stand to … [Read more...]

16 DIY Outdoor Showers

Do you have a pond on your property or have a pool without an outdoor area to wash off? If you do not have anywhere to wash off, then an outdoor shower may be needed. There are many┬átypes of outdoor showers you can select to build as a weekend DIY project. You only need a source of water if you … [Read more...]

DIY Outdoor String Lights

Hanging string lights in any area where no supports are located means another solution is needed. If a deck or patio does not have a cover, then hanging a set of lights is a great way to add a decorative element. A good way to do this is to build a set of posts for your lights. The material to … [Read more...]