How To Move Off The Grid For $10k

Are you interested in starting an off the grid lifestyle? This is a great way to get away from the ills that seem to be ongoing in society today and to save some money. Getting off the grid is not an easy task to do unless you learn how to move off the grid. The process for how to move off the … [Read more...]

25 Easy Projects To Get You Off The Grid

Going off the grid is a great way to escape the mundane aspects of society, decrease living expenses, and begin living a more self-sufficient life. The process of going off the grid, however, is not something that most people can do all at once. Here are several off the grid projects that you can … [Read more...]

How To Make An Aluminum Can Lamp For Light And Heating Water

Are you interested in making a homemade lamp that can be used in a disaster or emergency? If you are living in an area that is off-grid, then having an emergency lamp will be beneficial. An aluminum can lamp may be perfect and is a fun way to recycle. You will need at least two aluminum cans to … [Read more...]

DIY Off Grid Fire Protection System

Living off the grid means you may not be close to fire protection when there is a fire that is threatening your home or property. A great way to be prepared to put out a fire is to have a protection system set up and ready to go. Making your own off grid fire protection system can be done in many … [Read more...]

Build An Off-Grid Cabin That’s 14×14 For $2000

Do you have a dream of having a cabin in the woods that is free from the ills of society? One thing that can pose a problem is the cost of the structure. However, you can use plans to build an off-grid cabin for a cost that is less than you think. The key to being able to build an off-grid cabin … [Read more...]

Build An Off-Grid Stealth Cabin That’s 8×8

Do you want to have a place to get away from annoying phone calls and society in general? If you have a place where you can retreat, then you are all set. A great way to do this if you live in the city or lack a large amount of land is to build an off-grid stealth cabin. The best thing about … [Read more...]

Simple DIY Home Solar Power System

Replacing utility-supplied electricity with solar power is the best way to go off the grid. This is also an option to make a little money as you can often sell any excess power to the utility company. If you want a new home solar power system, then a DIY installation is an option. You may be … [Read more...]

How To Build An Off-Grid Cabin On A Budget

Living off the grid can be a challenging prospect, but is a great way to embrace sustainability, safety, and lessening environmental impact. Building a cabin in the woods is a great option that offers several possibilities. The best way to build an off-grid cabin will involve doing a lot of the work … [Read more...]

Reduce Your Energy And Water Usage With These 14 Off-Grid Projects

If you're living off-grid, you know how important it is to reduce your energy and water consumption. Even if you aren't off the grid just yet, but want to take steps to reduce your energy use, these 14 projects will move you in the right direction. The beauty of the internet is that, with just a few … [Read more...]