How To Smoke Meat And Get Professional Results With Home Equipment

Do you enjoy smoking and cooking meats by using a basic grill or other types of equipment that you have at home? You can easily get professional results if you know how to use your equipment correctly. This is why you need to learn how to smoke meat using a variety of methods. One of the first … [Read more...]

How To Convert An Outdoor Shed Into A Smokehouse

Do you have an old wood shed that is not getting a lot of use? A shed can be purchased or made from a variety of wood and the right set of plants. You can even convert an outdoor shed into a smokehouse to use to cook a lot of meats. The best way to convert an outdoor shed into a smokehouse is to … [Read more...]

How Much Does Raising Chicken Meat Cost?

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Grill Faster With Canned Wood

Do you have your own homemade smoker that is used for cooking meats? Many people do not and can use their grill as a good alternative. This is done by using wood chips that will smoke to provide flavor to the meat. A great way to have a few wood chips ready to use is to use canned wood. The best … [Read more...]

Guide: Raising Quail For Meat And Eggs

Are you working on setting up your own homestead and want to start raising a few animals? There will be an assortment that you can choose from based on what you prefer. If you do not want to have animals that are common, then consider raising quail for meat and eggs. Raising quail for meat and … [Read more...]

How To Raise Turkeys For Meat

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How To Make A Whiskey Barrel Smoker

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How To Make A Flower Pot Smoker

Smoking meat at home can be done using a variety of methods. A grill is often a good option to use for smoking meats if a smoker is not available. However, you can use a few basic supplies to make a flower pot smoker that will do the job just the same. If you have a few old clay flower pots at … [Read more...]

How To Can Venison {Tender & Tasty!}

The process that is used to can meat is not difficult if you are using the right equipment. If you hunt for deer or have obtained deer meat, then canning venison is a good option. You will need to use a pressure canning device when you want to can this type of meat for later use. The venison that … [Read more...]

Marvelous Meatballs Bulk Cooking Recipe

Cooking in bulk is a great way to have significant quantities of food for any occasion. This will include any holiday, reunion, get together, or other special event. You can even cook food in bulk amounts if you are planning to stock up on on food for future meals. One option is cooking meatballs … [Read more...]