Simple Instructions For Water Bath Canning Fruits And Vegetables

Are you familiar with pressure canning to preserve foods you grow or have bought at the store? This is a great option if you have the equipment for the task. Another option that is actually easier for any food that has a low acid content is water bath canning. The best thing about water bath … [Read more...]

Mason Jar Lemon Meringue Pie Recipe

Many types of desserts that are made to have with a meal are meant for multiple people. You can make desserts that range from cakes to pies. A great tasting pie that you can easily make in individual sizes is a lemon meringue. The best way to do this is to make mason jar lemon meringue pie. The … [Read more...]

How To Create A Mason Jar Chandelier

Many everyday products can be used in ways they were never intended. One item that can be used as a part of many DIY projects and craft projects is a simple mason jar. This is a type of jar that is generally used for canning, but can also be used in other ways. If you want to add a touch of style to … [Read more...]

493 Meals In A Jar

If you’re looking for ways to stretch your grocery budget and to cut back on meal planning and preparation, then consider these meals in a jar recipes. You can save both time and money with recipes to make muffins, biscuits, casseroles, soups, pancakes mixes, cakes, cookies, cobblers, dips, sauces, … [Read more...]