5 Unique Upcycling Ideas for Old Tires

Many items that you may have on your property can often be reused in fun and unique ways. This includes old tires that are from an old tractor or other type of vehicle. If you enjoy working on DIY projects, then a few upcycling ideas for old tires can easily be done at … [Read more...]

How To Keep Animals Away From Trees And Plants

Do you have various plants and trees in your yard that are being devoured by animals? You might have wild animals and even domesticated animals that can cause a lot of damage. The perfect option to keep animals away from trees and plants is to use a fence, but not in a conventional way. Setting … [Read more...]

Laundry To Landscape Greywater System

Are you interested in using all available resources that your home provides? One thing that you may be wondering is how to save or reuse water that is sent down the drain. Greywater from your laundry is a great way to water your landscape. All you need to do is learn how to set up a greywater … [Read more...]

Make A Bed Frame Veggie Garden

Do you have an old bed frame that you are thinking of scrapping or putting out on the curb? You have a lot of ways to use an old bed frame around your home. This item will be perfect to make your own bed frame veggie garden. You can add a bed frame veggie garden to your home as a decorative … [Read more...]

DIY Eco-Friendly Redwood Pergolas

By Charlie Jourdain, California Redwood Association Of the many landscaping trends that come and go, one of the more enduring structures has to be the pergola. With its open sides and slatted roofs that offer shade without blocking the sun, redwood pergolas serve as gateways to formal gardens, … [Read more...]

How To Make Trash Rocks

Are you familiar with making paper mache by using balloons? If you have done this before, then making some rocks using old paper or trash is a similar process. Trash rocks will provide an inexpensive way to add interest to any┬álandscape. The difference between paper mache and trash rocks is you … [Read more...]