Fast And Easy PVC Garden Watering System For Under $70

Are you looking for an inexpensive way to water a traditional garden or container garden setup? One of the best options is to use a DIY system that is inexpensive and not hard to put together. You might want to make something like a PVC garden watering system. A PVC garden watering system will … [Read more...]

How To Build A Drip Irrigation System

There are many methods that are available to water flowers and crops on your property. Sprinklers will be one option and are great for a large area. However, a better method is to use a drip irrigation system that can be set up with a little planning and elbow grease. A drip irrigation system is … [Read more...]

DIY Raised Garden Bed Irrigation For $100

Have you built raised garden beds on your property or think that you might want to? One detail that is important to keep in mind is how to irrigate the crops you have planted. You can easily use a garden hose, but a better solution may be preferred. Raised garden bed irrigation can be done for about … [Read more...]

10 Ways To Reduce The Need For Irrigation In Your Garden

One of the most important aspects of a home garden is keeping the soil moist. This is typically done using various irrigation methods. However, some areas may limit the amount of water that can be used if a well is not available. This means finding various ways to limit watering your garden. The … [Read more...]

Raspberry Pi Irrigation Controller

A raspberry pi irrigation controller is a creative way to adapt technology and create an automated home irrigation system, leaving you with more time to focus on other aspects of maintaining a lush and healthy garden. The main component, a raspberry pi computer board, is a small, credit-card sized … [Read more...]

Ollas For Irrigation Tutorial

One innovative method to contend with water limitations during drought conditions is to use ollas for irrigation. Ollas (pronounced oh-yahs) are unglazed clay water pitchers that are buried near the root zones of plants and are designed to slowly release their water through the porous clay walls. … [Read more...]