Grow 600 Plants in 36 Sq Ft Hydroponic Vertical Garden System

Do you have a large area of your backyard that is not being used effectively? One¬†way for you to get a huge supply of food is to grow a lot of plants. A hydroponic vertical garden system can be set up in a 36 sq foot area to grow up to 600 plants. You can easily set up a hydroponic vertical … [Read more...]

DIY Clip-On Hydroponic Wall Garden

Have you spent a lot of time during the spring and fall cleaning your gutters? Open gutters on a house can be used to build a clip-on hydroponic wall garden. The key to this project is having a wall that can be used to hang the frame. A brick wall is the best choice for a clip-on hydroponic wall … [Read more...]

12 Hydroponics System Designs

Growing plants to use as food without planting them in soil can be done with a hydroponics system for your home. This is something that can easily be built by using various designs based on the materials you want to use. The best thing about the use of this system is having a sustainable source of … [Read more...]