How To Build A Mortgage-Free Small House For $5900

Are you interested in building a house, but do not want a mortgage payment? If you have land which can be used to build a house, then a mortgage-free small house is something you can build. The total cost to build this type of home will be less than the cost of a decent used car. The best way to … [Read more...]

See This Incredible 140 Square Foot Dream Home

Do you like the idea of a cabin in the woods, but want a structure┬áthat is livable all year long? You will have a lot of options depending on what you want to do. If you have some property to rent or have to use for free, then a 140 square foot dream home may be ideal. The best thing about a 140 … [Read more...]

Idea! Convert A Van Into A Mobile Tiny Home

Are you someone who likes to travel, but wants to live in something that is not an expensive motorhome? You have a lot of ways to do this, but an ideal option is to convert a van into a mobile tiny home. This is something that is different than a conversion van. The options and accessories you … [Read more...]

How To Build A Self-Sustaining Home

Are you interested in homesteading, but don't think you have enough property? Homesteading is just a term for finding ways to be self-sufficient, like growing your own food. A self-sustaining home will be a great way to save money by not having to stock up on food at the grocery store. One thing … [Read more...]