15 Earth Day Projects For The Home And Garden

Are you interested in doing something around your home to help celebrate Earth Day? Truth be told, every day is Earth Day, and there are a variety of ways that you can be environmentally friendly and be as productive as possible. There are many Earth Day projects you may want to do as a DIY project … [Read more...]

18 Creative Wire Mesh Projects For The Home And Garden

Do you have some rolls of wire mesh like chicken wire or hardware cloth? This material is perfect to use for making all types of wire mesh projects for the home and garden. You simply need to have an idea of what you will want to do as a DIY project. This is where we may be able to help. Wire … [Read more...]

15 Creative Galvanized Tub Uses For The Home And Garden

There are many ways that you can upcycle old galvanized tubs to¬†use them around¬†home or in the garden. They are versatile, stylish, and provide both function and decoration. 1. Make a raised garden bed to add to your property. 2. Make a tub cooler that is also portable. 3. Turn a … [Read more...]