How To Grow Cashews Indoors

Do you enjoy snacking on nuts like pistachios or cashews? A great way for you to have nuts at home is to grow them in a pot. Cashew trees need to grow in certain climates, but you can also grow cashews indoors. A tree is not hard to grow if you follow the proper steps. If you can grow a variety … [Read more...]

How To Grow Hazelnuts Or Filberts

Do you enjoy snacking on filberts or hazelnuts and want to grow your own at home? You can do this if you know all the steps that are used for how to grow hazelnuts. The first step is to research the places where plants can be purchased. Starting with an established plant will be better than … [Read more...]

How To Grow Grapes In Containers

Container gardening is a great way to grow various types of plants. Most people typically plant various herbs, but there are other options to consider. Do you know that you can grow grapes in containers? All you need is the proper supplies and the right type of plant. A pot or bucket is a perfect … [Read more...]

11 Tips For Growing A Vegetable Garden On A Deck

Are you lacking space in the backyard for a garden, but have a decent sized deck? You can easily use your deck to grow a simple vegetable garden. This is known as container gardening and is a great option if a homeowner (or renter) wants to grow their own food. Growing a vegetable garden on a deck … [Read more...]