How To Make A BBQ Braai Table From An Industrial Cable Reel

Do you like to do fun DIY projects around your home? Something you may find interesting is to make your own homemade BBQ Braai table to use on a deck or patio. This project is not hard┬áto do if the right tools and materials are available. The key to making a BBQ Braai table is finding something … [Read more...]

How To Build A Rolling Grill Cart

Do you have an outside grill that you just love to use, but may not have anywhere to keep condiments or other accessories? If the answer is no, then a great idea is to make your own rolling grill cart. This type of cart can easily be moved anywhere it is needed. You do not need a lot of … [Read more...]

Grilling Tip: Quick Way To Make A Non-Stick Surface

Do you know that potatoes are a food that you do not need to eat to see a lot of benefits? You can use a regular potato to make a non-stick surface when cooking. If you want to keep meat from sticking to the top of a hot grill, then a simple grilling tip can be really helpful. A potato is full of … [Read more...]

DIY Backyard Kitchen Made From Reclaimed Materials

Do you have materials that are left over from a remodel or DIY project? If you have a plain patio that is not being utilized, then you have the option to add a backyard kitchen. This is a great way for you to be frugal and combine a lot of second hand items. Used pallets will be a great source of … [Read more...]

How To Make A Braai Pie

Are you familiar with a pasty or pastie and how it is made? If you are, then you might like the flavor of braai pie. All the ingredients that are needed for this recipe can also be used to make a pastie. This is an ideal way to make a hearty meal that is really┬ádelicious. A braai pie is basically … [Read more...]

Portable DIY Stainless Steel BBQ

One activity that many people like to do during the summer or anytime of the year is grilling a variety of meats and many other foods. The most important aspect about grilling is having the right equipment. If any individual wants to grill food, then some sort of grill is needed. This can be … [Read more...]

Pairing Wood Chips For Meat Grilling

Smoking meats is done by burning wood inside a smoker. The same principle applies when you have a regular grill and are using wood chips. Certain types of wood will impart a specific flavor to any meats you are cooking on your grill. The main thing to realize is properly pairing wood chips to have … [Read more...]