How To Build A 300 Square Foot Windproof Hoop House For Under $500

Are you interested in adding a greenhouse to your property to grow various types of food throughout the year? One way to add a greenhouse is to build your own. A greenhouse comes in many forms based on the design. You might want to build this 300 square foot windproof hoop house. The key to being … [Read more...]

21 Amazing Greenhouses With Great Tutorials

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18 Creative Ways To Use Cattle Pen Panels

Cattle pen panels are an inexpensive way to bring style and function to your backyard and garden. They also are useful for livestock, creating shelters, and can even add whimsy to small balconies and the home. 1. Wall Trellis Use cattle pen panels to create a vertical garden trellis on a wall in … [Read more...]

5 Things To Consider Before You Buy A Greenhouse

The ability to grow plants in a garden is limited by factors that include the weather. Many areas have a change in season with freezing winters when nothing can grow. The best option for having flowers, herbs, and vegetables throughout the year is to have a greenhouse. If you want to use this type … [Read more...]

How To Build A Straw Bale Cold Frame And Extend Your Growing Season

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How To Grow Vegetables In A Greenhouse

The end of the growing season that comes with fall weather is often when people clean up their garden and settle in for winter. However, you can grow vegetables in a greenhouse and have any type of herbs, and other greens that you like, available throughout winter. This is a great way to use your … [Read more...]

Build A 5 x 5 Greenhouse For Under $25

A greenhouse offers you a way to grow various types of plants throughout the year. This is a great idea for anyone who wants to start from seedlings or even grow various types of herbs. You can easily and affordably build a small greenhouse that you will be able to use at your home. In fact, a … [Read more...]

How To Build A Countertop Greenhouse

If you are a small time gardener and want to keep things going during the cold months, this countertop greenhouse may be just the thing for you. As well, this may be the perfect size of greenhouse you need at home for starting and safe-keeping young seedlings. Or, perhaps you’d benefit from an … [Read more...]