How To Grow And Harvest Grains In Your Backyard

Are you interested in making your own flour to use for baking bread? This is not difficult to do, but the grains could be difficult to find or just to expensive. A better option is to learn how to grow and harvest grains in your backyard. A simple patch of land that is separate from your garden … [Read more...]

Recipe: How To Make All Purpose Flour

Are you interested in making your own flour at home, but worried the task is too difficult? Fear not, as you can easily make your own all-purpose flour. Once you know how to make all purpose flour, then you have an important ingredient to make cookies and other treats. One thing to realize when … [Read more...]

Growing Amaranth As A Homesteading Grain And How To Use It

Grains are a great source or fiber and for baking bread at home. You can easily grow grains at home if you want to add to your garden crop. A good type of grain that is easy to grow is Amaranth. One aspect about growing Amaranth as a great homesteading grain is where to plant the seeds. There are … [Read more...]

How To Grow Grains In A Small Garden

Do you want to try your hand at growing a few grains, but are afraid you do not have enough space for what you want? Fear not, as many types of grains can be grown in a small area. If you can grow corn in a garden, then you can easily grow grains to use for food. You will need to prepare an area … [Read more...]