Blueberry Ginger Jam Recipe

Are you buying fresh fruit at the grocery store or growing your own and have a lot left over? Preserving fruit like blueberries by freezing is one option, but making jam may be a better solution. You can make your own blueberry ginger jam at home. If you have ever canned fruit or any other type … [Read more...]

How To Plant Store Bought Ginger Root

Many people may not be aware that a lot of greens and roots purchased at the store can be planted. This is a great way to grow a new plant without having to start from seeds. One type of root that is used in a lot of homemade remedies is ginger, and you can easily plant store bought ginger root at … [Read more...]

How To Grow Baby Ginger

You can grow many types of vegetable crops at home in a backyard garden. This will include a variety of herbs and plants that can be used when preparing meals. One thing to keep in mind is to perform all the preparation that is necessary. If you are interested in a backyard garden then consider all … [Read more...]