Homemade Water Wheel Electric Generator

Are you familiar with water wheels that are used for grinding flour? If you have a stream or a source of running water on your property, then you may want to build your own water wheel electric generator. A simple generator can be made with a couple of water wheels. The key to generating power … [Read more...]

How To Hook Up A Generator To Your Home

Do you dread losing power to your home when an unexpected event occurs? If you do not have a solar power system or backup power in place, then a few options need to be considered. The best way to get power is to hook up a generator to your home. There are many ways to hook up a generator to your … [Read more...]

DIY Atmospheric Drinking Water Generator

Are you looking for a way to replace crappy tasting city water without having to buy gallons of bottled water? If you live in an area with high humidity, then you might already have what you need to make a simple atmospheric drinking water generator. This is not something that simply collects … [Read more...]

16 Tips For Using Emergency Generators

Many areas of the country that have severe weather are familiar with power outages. If the power is out in areas that are experiencing frigid cold, then a furnace will not be able to run and provide heat. This is something to consider if you own a home. The best way to ensure electricity is … [Read more...]

DIY Charcoal Powered Generator

A small engine like those for a generator will use different types of fuel. This includes gasoline, natural gas, and propane. However, a small engine can also run on the gases from burning organic material such as charcoal. If you will be in an area without a supply of petroleum based fuel, then a … [Read more...]

Convert Your Gas Generator Into a Multi-Fuel Generator

The ice that results from the cold of winter to the wind during a severe storm can easily knock out your home's power. Most homes will not have any way to power a furnace or other electronics after the loss of power. One way to counter this problem is to use a generator. However, these units … [Read more...]