How To Freeze Garlic

Are you concerned that all the garlic harvested from your garden is a lot more than you will use? There are a lot of options that you can consider when excess garlic is available. One of the best ways to save garlic is to freeze it. The steps necessary to freeze garlic at home is really easy. You … [Read more...]

Planting Garlic In The Fall For A Summer Harvest

Anyone with an outside garden can plant fruits and vegetables that will be ready to grow the following spring. Another great option is to start planting garlic in the fall which will be ready to harvest in the summer. A few garlic bulbs are all you need for this task. One important thing to know … [Read more...]

How To Grow Your Own Garlic

Are you interested in how to grow your own garlic for food at home? There are a variety of ways to do this based on what you have available for crops in your area. Garlic can be planted from seeds or from bulbs that you have allowed to sprout in your home. One important thing about knowing grow … [Read more...]

6 Ways To Use Garlic In The Garden

If you're serious about your garden, then you'll want to learn how to use garlicĀ in the garden. The compounds in garlic will help with many common problems. It's strong scentĀ is one of the main reasons why it is effective as a lawn and garden helper. Use garlic to ward off mosquitos, as a companion … [Read more...]

How To Make Homemade Garlic Powder

Garlic is one ingredient that can add an extraordinary amount of flavor to a lot of recipes. If fresh garlic is not available, then the next best option is to use to use a powder. Store bought products are expensive and means that homemade garlic powder is a better option. If you grow garlic at … [Read more...]