Fast And Easy PVC Garden Watering System For Under $70

Are you looking for an inexpensive way to water a traditional garden or container garden setup? One of the best options is to use a DIY system that is inexpensive and not hard to put together. You might want to make something like a PVC garden watering system. A PVC garden watering system will … [Read more...]

10 Tips And Tricks For Planting A Fall Garden

Are you starting to get worried that the summer growing season is coming to an end? If you had a huge harvest from your garden, then continuing into the fall is a no brainer. Many tips and tricks for planting a fall garden are available to have a bumper crop. One of the best tips and tricks for … [Read more...]

DIY Mason Jar Soil Test

The soil conditions on your property will dictate the result that you achieve when planting a garden? If you have poor soil, then you will need to do a lot of extra work to see that you haveĀ a successful harvest. Your soil can easily be tested by performing a mason jar soil test. A standard soil … [Read more...]

Succession Planting Tips To Maximize Your Harvest

Do you want to get the most out of your garden each year? The best way to maximize your harvest is to use succession planting. This is a process where you always have crops that are ready to harvest. If you want your garden to produce throughout the year, then succession planting tips are … [Read more...]

DIY Gardening Reservoir Bins

Do you want to start a garden, but do not have a backyard that is usable? Container gardening will be a great alternative and can be done using any size container you have available. Some people might want something that is above ground like gardening reservoir bins. You can easily make your own … [Read more...]

DIY Wheelbarrow Garden Trug

Do you enjoy gardening, but do not have a place for tools and other items when outdoors? A trug is the best option for anyone who wants something simple to use. However, a garden trug that you can buy at the store may not be adequate. A wheelbarrow garden trug may be a better choice. You can … [Read more...]

How To: Using Coffee Grounds In The Garden

Are you someone who likes to make a big pot of coffee in the morning? Most people like the flavor and others really need the caffeine. However, each pot of coffee results in grounds that are simply tossed in the trash. One thing you may not know is using coffee grounds in the garden can be … [Read more...]

5 Non-Toxic Weed Control Methods

Do you have a problem with weeds at home, but are not a fan of using harmful chemicals? Chemical weed killer is effective, but can often kill more than intrusive weeds. Many non-toxic weed control methods can be used depending on what you prefer. One of the best non-toxic weed control methods … [Read more...]

DIY Vegetable Cleaning Workstation For Your Garden

Would you like a better way to clean vegetables from your garden without having to track dirt and mud into your house or garage? A vegetable cleaning workstation is a terrific idea to have a place for you to clean freshly picked vegetables. You can easily build a vegetable cleaning workstation … [Read more...]

7 Beneficial Insects To Protect Your Garden

The bane of a lot of gardeners is insects that eat and destroy flowers or crop plants. However, there are a lot of insects that can actually be helpful to keep your garden healthy. You will need to know the exact types of beneficial insects to protect your garden. You need to research the types … [Read more...]