DIY Raised Garden Bed Irrigation For $100

Have you built raised garden beds on your property or thinkĀ that you might want to? One detail that is important to keep in mind is how to irrigate the crops you have planted. You can easily use a garden hose, but a better solution may be preferred. Raised garden bed irrigation can be done for about … [Read more...]

DIY Raised Bed With Benches

Do you like the idea of using a raised garden bed, but need an easier way to tend to your plants? If you enjoy DIY projects, then a great option is to make a raised bed with benches. This is a basic garden bed with built in benches to use for small tools or for sitting. Preparation of the ground … [Read more...]

How To Make Food-Safe Wood Sealant

Many people who build outside structures from wood typically use a type that has been chemically treated to prevent rot. However, untreated wood can be used for a lot of outdoor DIY projects. This will mean you need a way to make a food-safe wood sealant. A food-safe wood sealant can be applied … [Read more...]

How To Build Raised Garden Boxes

Raised garden boxes have a ton of advantages. Benefits include easy harvesting and tending, to keeping certain critters out, to ease of watering and fertilizing. There are a variety of ways and materials to make theseĀ garden boxes. If you're fortunate to have an abundance of scrap materials around, … [Read more...]