18 Brilliant No Sew Projects For The Homestead

Do you have a lot of items that are made of fabrics you are thinking of throwing away? A better option is to keep them as material to use for making custom craft project. If you do not like to sew, then a perfect option will be to try some no sew projects for the homestead. Many no sew projects … [Read more...]

DIY Recycled Bath Towel Rug

Are you interested in DIY crafts that you can make at home by recycling or by upcycling? You have many options to consider depending on what you want to make. Something that can be really fun and easy to do is to make a bath towel rug. Making a bath towel rug is not hard to do at all. You simply … [Read more...]

18 Projects To Upcycle Leftover Fabric Scraps

Craft projects which are made from fabric often means there will be some that is leftover. There are many projects to upcycle leftover fabric scraps that are super easy and really fun to do. You can easily make something you need or items that might be the perfect gift. 1. Make a set of … [Read more...]