How To Store Fuel For Emergencies

Are you interested in finding ways to be better prepared for an emergency? This could include a power outage to the aftermath of a natural disaster. There are times that you might not have the opportunity to stock up on fuel. The best way for you to avoid problems is to know how to store fuel at … [Read more...]

Make Emergency Fuel – Bucket Biodiesel

Have you heard of the benefits of using biodiesel and are curious about making your own? This is easy to do, based on the method you want to use. One thing you need to realize about biodiesel, is you have a few options that are available like making your own bucket biodiesel using filtered cooking … [Read more...]

Convert Your Gas Generator Into a Multi-Fuel Generator

The ice that results from the cold of winter to the wind during a severe storm can easily knock out your home's power. Most homes will not have any way to power a furnace or other electronics after the loss of power. One way to counter this problem is to use a generator. However, these units … [Read more...]