Simple Instructions For Water Bath Canning Fruits And Vegetables

Are you familiar with pressure canning to preserve foods you grow or have bought at the store? This is a great option if you have the equipment for the task. Another option that is actually easier for any food that has a low acid content is water bath canning. The best thing about water bath … [Read more...]

Companion Planting In The Garden

Do you have problems with a lot of insects in your garden and do not want to use a chemical treatment? There is a really effective¬†method that organic gardeners can use for simple insect control. This method is known as companion planting and is really easy to do with a little research. The key … [Read more...]

15 Fruits And Vegetables You Can Grow In Buckets

Growing a variety of fruits and vegetables at home can be done by using a lot of methods. If you have lots of buckets, then you have all you need to start container gardening. Many fruits and vegetables you can grow in buckets will provide you a great source of food. A five-gallon bucket is the … [Read more...]