DIY Off Grid Fire Protection System

Living off the grid means you may not be close to fire protection when there is a fire that is threatening your home or property. A great way to be prepared to put out a fire is to have a protection system set up and ready to go. Making your own off grid fire protection system can be done in many … [Read more...]

DIY Fire Retardants | Fire-Proof Your Stuff With These Safe, Common Chemicals

Fireproofing is a great way to prevent wood and other materials from burning. However, the cost to buy a suitable product is not cheap. The best option is to use a fire retardant product. This type of product is only meant to delay the burning of a material for a certain amount of time. Many … [Read more...]

Stylish Fire Glass Fire Pit With No Smoke Or Ashes

Back away from the old school fire pit…back slowly away…and step into the 21st century with fire glass! You've seen these colored beads being used in beautiful fire pits at hotels, restaurants and other locations. The good news is, it's easy to use in your own backyard fire pit too. Fire glass is … [Read more...]