DIY Illuminated Tree Stumps

The fall seasons is a great time to go camping or to spend an evening around a campfire. A great way to add custom seating for a fire pit or campfire is to add some illuminated tree stumps. These are not hard to make if you are looking for something fun to do or want to make something that is … [Read more...]

How To Make A Fire Pit BBQ Out Of Car Wheels

Many DIY projects that can be done at home do not necessarily require the use of new materials. You almost always have the option to use scrap material or natural material based on the type of project. One option is to build your own fire pit BBQ out of car wheels. All you need is a couple of old … [Read more...]

20 Brilliant Fire Pit Ideas, Instructions And More

The addition of a fire pit to a home can be a functional and a decorative element. There are various items that can be purchased at stores like Walmart to use as a simple device. However, the vast majority of these are for use on a patio or deck and often are ordinary and plain looking. If you are … [Read more...]

DIY Adirondack Fire Table Bowl

A fire pit is a great option to have outside for heat or decoration. However, you may want to have a fire pit set up on a deck with a few additional features. One option is to make an adirondack fire table bowl to use as a surround for a standalone fire pit. If this sounds like something you might … [Read more...]

DIY Wine Barrel Fire Pit Table

Recycling is a great option for anyone who likes to reuse items in different ways. This may include making pieces or art of functional pieces to use around a home. One novel idea is to take a wine barrel and turn it into a fire table. A wine barrel fire pit table is similar to a typical gas log, but … [Read more...]

Build A Wooden Portable Fire Pit

Making a portable fire pit from wood may seem counter-intuitive, but the idea is ingenious. The reason is the final product is not very heavy and is easy to move from one place to another. You can easily make a fire almost anywhere there is wood that is available. The key to this type of device is a … [Read more...]

Porch Swing Fire Pit DIY

This fabulous porch swing fire pit project is exactly as cool as it sounds…a comfortable porch swing constructed around a fire pit. Actually, four bench swings suspended around a large fire pit. Wow, sounds like an excellent addition to any yard! If temperatures are starting to decline in your neck … [Read more...]

Stylish Fire Glass Fire Pit With No Smoke Or Ashes

Back away from the old school fire pit…back slowly away…and step into the 21st century with fire glass! You've seen these colored beads being used in beautiful fire pits at hotels, restaurants and other locations. The good news is, it's easy to use in your own backyard fire pit too. Fire glass is … [Read more...]