Quackgrass Wine – Ferment Your Weeds!

Do you have some weeds like quackgrass growing in your yard? This weed is one of many that is easy to harvest and can be used to make quackgrass wine. The process to make a tasty wine by using this weed is not difficult as long as you harvest enough weed for this task. You need to have at least … [Read more...]

How To Ferment Foods

Knowing how to ferment foods can be a valuable skill. The process has been around for eons as ancient cultures figured out how to preserve their food. It's raw fermentation that we are speaking of here. In this case, foods can be altered from a plain old vegetable into something quite different…like … [Read more...]

Naturally Fermented Pickled Grape Leaves

Ok, we admit it, when we first heard about pickled grape leaves, we thought it sounded little odd. Or, that maybe somebody had a little too much of the fermented grape, if you know what we mean. But in reality, pickled grape leaves are totally edible and quite tasty. Used in soups, stews and … [Read more...]