Guide: How To Make A Bamboo Fence

Do you have access to a lot of bamboo and are wondering if you can apply it at home? One way for you to use bamboo on your property is to make a bamboo fence. There are many reasons to build a fence to put on your homestead. Your privacy and security will be two important reasons. The key to … [Read more...]

Homemade Liquid Fence Recipe

Do you have any problems with rabbits devouring plants in your garden? This is typically not an issue with gardens that are in raised beds or if a home is in a city. Homes in the country may have rabbits that can be annoying. A great way to keep them out of your garden is to use a homemade liquid … [Read more...]

DIY Eco-Friendly Redwood Pergolas

By Charlie Jourdain, California Redwood Association Of the many landscaping trends that come and go, one of the more enduring structures has to be the pergola. With its open sides and slatted roofs that offer shade without blocking the sun, redwood pergolas serve as gateways to formal gardens, … [Read more...]

How To Build An Inexpensive Chicken Tractor

Do you want to free range chickens, but do not have a suitable area? An awesome solution is to make a simple chicken run or tractor that is portable and does not cost a dime. You only need some scrap wood and some chicken wire to build your own chicken tractor. The size of your chicken tractor … [Read more...]

DIY Garden Enclosure

Are you someone who likes so do a lot of DIY projects around your home? If you have a garden in your backyard that being invaded by deer or other animals, then an enclosure might be needed. You can easily build a garden enclosure using the proper supplies. The best thing about a garden enclosure … [Read more...]

How To Build A Small Perimeter Garden Fence

Do you have a garden that is constantly being invaded by animals or unwanted pets? A really great way to protect the garden in your backyard is to build a small perimeter garden fence. A small perimeter garden fence does not need to be like a common wood fence. If you have a screened in porch, … [Read more...]

How To Build A Fence With Pallets (Tutorial)

Recycling existing materials is a great way to save money. There are many ways to reuse items for a lot of DIY projects around the home. One fascinating way to use old pallets is to build furniture. If you are lacking privacy, then you can even build a fence with pallets. A few cuts with a saw is … [Read more...]