How To Create Chicken Fodder Using Old Seeds

Harvesting seeds from crops each year is a great way to ensure you have a new supply to plant the following year. This is also a great way to save money. If you have extra seeds that are not planted and might go to waste if not used, then a solution is needed. If you have chickens on your property … [Read more...]

How To Grow A Chicken Feed Garden

Raising chickens on your homestead will require a little thought and preparation. This includes the type of food that you want to use. There are many options to consider, but a good solution is to set up a food garden. You can easily set up a chicken feed garden on your property. The best thing … [Read more...]

19 Ways To Avoid Pre-Mix Commercial Feed

Raising chickens or other animals on a homestead means the right type of feed is essential. The cost of feed will vary based on numerous factors. However, there are many ways to avoid pre-mix commercial feed if you are looking for ways to save money. The best way to think of alternatives … [Read more...]