27 Survival Uses For Floss

Do you find that you seem to accumulate items that have only one purpose? A good example of an item is dental floss used for dental hygiene. There are many survival uses for floss that you can buy or get (usually free) when you have a semi-annual teeth cleaning. You may be surprised at the uses that … [Read more...]

10 Survival Uses For Glow Sticks

Do you remember playing with glow sticks when you were a kid? These are still fun for young kids to play with at night or in a dark room. However, they are also a great item to have on hand when there is an emergency or disaster. You simply need to know a few survival uses for glow sticks. One of … [Read more...]

How To Build A Bio Water Filter

Are you interested in a way to have filtered water that is cheaper than buying filters that is added to the kitchen faucet? Faucet water filters are not exactly cheap and means you should use another option that will be just as effective. A simple bio water filter may be just what you need. A bio … [Read more...]

DIY Self-Contained 5 Gallon Sink

Do you want a great way to reuse your water to save money on utility costs? Many people will waste a lot of water when using a sink. Another way people use a lot of water is using a garden hose to clean fruits or vegetables from a garden. However, making your own self-contained 5 gallon sink is also … [Read more...]

How To Make A Charcoal Slurry Absorptive Antidote For Emergencies

Are you familiar with the types of water filters that connect to a standard faucet? These are a great way to remove bacteria and other harmful elements from tap water. The reason is due to the use of activated charcoal. An activated charcoal slurry absorptive antidote is also really useful in an … [Read more...]

19 Ordinary Survival Household Items That Could Save Your Life

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100 Things For Survivalists To Do

Preparing for an emergency or natural disaster is essential for survival. If you find yourself without the basic necessities, then you will likely be in trouble. There are a lot of things for survivalists to do when preparing for a disaster or any unexpected emergency. Some of the things may seem … [Read more...]

42 Survival Uses For Ponchos

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12 Homeopathic Remedies That Should Be In Every Survival Kit

Keeping an emergency kit is not something that is specifically for an emergency or disaster. Having an emergency kit on hand when traveling or camping, for example, might even save your life when medical aid is too far away. A simple survival kit with a few homeopathic remedies will be a truly … [Read more...]

10 Things Everyone Will Be Looking For During An Emergency

Preparing for an emergency is one thing, but finding a few crucial items during an emergency can be difficult to do. The reason is typically due to overlooking items when preparing a survival kit. There are various things everyone will be looking for during an emergency. If you already have … [Read more...]