114 Survival Medical Supplies To Own

Do you want to assemble your own first aid kit or have a collection of medical supplies on hand for an emergency? A medical survival kit is a great thing to have when camping or when a disaster occurs. One thing that you need to research is the survival medical supplies to have on hand. Regular … [Read more...]

How To Build a Bunker Under Your House

Do you have a part of your basement that is not finished or even a dirt cellar? One way to use the space is to build a bunker under your house. This task can be done in many ways depending on the amount of work you want to do. Excavation may be necessary to build a bunker under your house. The … [Read more...]

11 Emergency Foods That Can Last A Lifetime

Stocking up on canned foods is not the only option to have food available in an emergency. If you plan to shelter in your home, then having emergency foods to use will be essential. Another good reason to keep a supply of emergency food on hand is for when your home loses power in a severe storm and … [Read more...]

Emergency Power From Your Car

Emergency power from your car is an innovative and important way to offset the damage that can occur during blackouts or power outages. Power inverters are affordable devices that can be attached to vehicles and recharged periodically so that they will be able to provide small amounts of energy for … [Read more...]

Winter Emergency Car Kit

A winter emergency car kit is an invaluable investment when dealing with the unpredictability of the season. A standard car kit will establish a strong foundation; however, several items are particularly ideal for the winter months. For example, non-clumping cat litter (7 lb bag) is useful if your … [Read more...]

80 Emergency Essentials To Stock Up On

It doesn't really matter if you live in the frigid Northeast, the rainy Northwest or in the warmer climes; there are just some emergency essentials every household should have on hand. Lots of different situations can constitute an emergency. From floods and fires to just a really bad storm we are … [Read more...]