Raising Ducks On The Homestead 101

Ducks are a great animal to have on your homestead. There are many things that you may not realize is the common behavior for these animals. This includes being able to run quite fast. You have various things to consider if you want to add these animals to others on your homestead. Most people … [Read more...]

Potty Training Ducks? Here’s How One Guy Potty Trained His 5 Ducks

Potty training animals on your homestead may sound crazy, but there is a good reason to do this. If you have any property with a pond and a few ducks, then a mess is often assured. If you know how to potty train ducks, then this will not be an issue. If you tell people to potty train ducks, then … [Read more...]

How To Raise Muscovy Ducks

People who have a large amount of property have the option to start a small farm or look into the ways to engage in homesteading. One option that is available is to grow plants to use as a source of food. Another option is to raise certain types of animals. If you want to raise animals that may not … [Read more...]

DIY Cable Spool Duck House

Used construction material can give you the means to make many DIY projects. One project that you may want to make is a duck house. This is something that is similar to a coop for chickens, but is meant to be a shelter for ducks. Wood cable spools can be used for this purpose. A cable spool duck … [Read more...]

How To Tell If Ducks Are Laying Guide

People who have a pond or other type of water on their property may have ducks pay a visit. Ducks are also a bird that many people can breed. This means you may have wild ducks or breeding ducks. If you see that ducks are nesting, then they will be laying eggs at some point. You may want to learn … [Read more...]