5 Unique Upcycling Ideas for Old Tires

Many items that you may have on your property can often be reused in fun and unique ways. This includes old tires that are from an old tractor or other type of vehicle. If you enjoy working on DIY projects, then a few upcycling ideas for old tires can easily be done at … [Read more...]

Easy Hanging Planter DIY

Do you know that a trip to a thrift store can provide you with a lot of material to use to decorate? A great way to display flowers and plants in a┬áhome is to hang them from the ceiling. You can easily do this by making an easy hanging planter from a few simple items. You can use items like … [Read more...]

How To Make Orange Rind Luminaries

Are you interested in making your own table top decorations? A great idea is to use fruit like an orange to make orange rind luminaries. Luminaries are fun little items that can be placed on a table or the rails of a deck. Simply add a candle or LED light to have them glow. Making orange rind … [Read more...]