8 Fruit Trees For Your Deck Or Balcony

Do you have a large deck or a balcony that is kind of sparse? You can easily add pieces of furniture if a seating area is needed, but better options are available. A great way to make use of any extra space is to look at fruit trees for your deck or extra space on a balcony. The types of fruit … [Read more...]

DIY Eco-Friendly Redwood Pergolas

By Charlie Jourdain, California Redwood Association Of the many landscaping trends that come and go, one of the more enduring structures has to be the pergola. With its open sides and slatted roofs that offer shade without blocking the sun, redwood pergolas serve as gateways to formal gardens, … [Read more...]

11 Tips For Growing A Vegetable Garden On A Deck

Are you lacking space in the backyard for a garden, but have a decent sized deck? You can easily use your deck to grow a simple vegetable garden. This is known as container gardening and is a great option if a homeowner (or renter) wants to grow their own food. Growing a vegetable garden on a deck … [Read more...]