6 Ways To Make A Natural Rooting Hormone

Do you have cuttings that you like to regrow to plant in your garden or in a few containers? This is a great way to grow a new batch of plants without having to plant seeds. Your cuttings will successfully grow if the proper steps are taken and you use a natural rooting hormone. A lot of products … [Read more...]

How To Root Roses From Cuttings

Don't you just love rose gardens! You can┬ároot roses from cuttings to grow more rose bushes from an existing bush. This way you can grow more of the roses you already have in your garden, and you can take and share cuttings with┬áneighbors to expand your rose garden. Or, if you or someone you know … [Read more...]

How To Grow Elderberries From Cuttings

Many people with even a small backyard garden or are growing plants in containers have the option of growing their own items that can used for culinary or medicinal purposes. The elderberry is a good example of a plant you may grow from seeds, but you can also grow elderberries by using … [Read more...]