5 Things You Didn’t Know About Composting Toilets

There are various ways to create fertilizer to use on your property. The easiest option is to use some food scraps to make compost to use for fertilizer. Manure from cows and chickens can also be used as fertilizer. An interesting alternative is to make your own fertilizer by using composting … [Read more...]

Keyhole Garden – A Drought Tolerant Composting Garden

Are you looking for a unique way to grow food at home? One structure that will have a lot of advantages on any type of homestead is a keyhole garden. This type of garden gets its name from the way it is built and they way you maintain it on your property. If you have a source of stone and some … [Read more...]

Winter Composting Made Easy

Winter composting can be easy with the implementation of a few steps during the fall and winter. This clever tutorial presents 6 easy steps to prepare for winter composting. Each step is well detailed and discusses the benefits of each step. For example, when discussing the first step "Set Up Winter … [Read more...]

Composting In Winter Guide

Composting in winter is a necessary task to keep organic farming going strong during colder temperatures. Fortunately, this tutorial offers valuable insight into how to get the most out of composting in winter by using two simple ingredients (leaves and a special ingredient). The reason they work so … [Read more...]