How-To: Using Banana Peels In The Garden

Are you someone who adds scrap food to a compost pile religiously? Fruits like bananas are perfect for a compost pile as they add vital nutrients. If you want a simple way to add nutrients to a garden when a fertilizer is needed, then you may find using banana peels in the garden to be … [Read more...]

Essential Manure Guide For Gardening

Do you know one of the best fertilizers to use on a homestead is still manure? But, not all manure that you find is the same. The manure animals produce will have different levels of nutrients. This is due to eating different types of foods. Your best bet will be to review a manure guide for … [Read more...]

How To Make And Harvest Worm Castings

Are you someone who is really into organic gardening and is looking for a way to add natural fertilizers for beneficial nutrients? You may be surprised to know that castings from worms offer a perfect way to add a great fertilizer. The only thing you need to do is learn how to make and harvest worm … [Read more...]

Turn Trash Into Black Gold With This Amazing Simple Bucket System

People who homestead will often think of something other than oil when someone mentions black gold. The black gold that is valuable to a homesteader is compost. An ingenious bucket system can be used if you want a great way to turn trash into black gold. A regular 5-gallon bucket is all that you … [Read more...]

DIY Fertile Soil | A Simple Fertilizer From The Greek Gods

Running out of beer is never good, but beer that is skunked is even worse. Instead of throwing out beer that is no longer good to drink, use it to make a¬†fertilizer to have fertile soil. The nutrients in beer will provide an awesome alternative to using commercial fertilizer. A few simple … [Read more...]

Composting In Winter Guide

Composting in winter is a necessary task to keep organic farming going strong during colder temperatures. Fortunately, this tutorial offers valuable insight into how to get the most out of composting in winter by using two simple ingredients (leaves and a special ingredient). The reason they work so … [Read more...]

DIY Shower Door Compost Bin

File this one in the genius repurposing file! Use old shower doors as part of your outdoor compost bin. The glass door works as a great lid and allows you to see inside an observe your compost. Having a lid installed on our compost bin has two main advantages. First, the lid will help contain the … [Read more...]