34 Reasons Why You Need Hydrogen Peroxide In Your Home

Various types of store bought products are kept in a kitchen or the medicine cabinet. The most common are hygiene products, cleaning products, and items for first aid. One item in most homes that has many uses is hydrogen peroxide. Everyone should have a bottle of this product on hand when a need to … [Read more...]

Make Your Own Enzyme Scrub From Leftover Lemon Rinds

The leftovers you have from making fresh lemonade can be used for many other applications. One idea is to make a homemade enzyme scrub by using leftover lemon rinds. The scrub is a strong cleaner used to clean most types of surfaces in your home. All you need to do to prepare a batch is to make sure … [Read more...]

How To Clean And Care For Your Cast Iron Skillets

One of the best types of cooking vessels to have in your kitchen is a skillet made of cast iron. Buying a set of brand new and expensive non-stick pans is not necessary. The non-stick coatings on a lot of pans today is a non-healthy substance. This is the reason you should get rid of pans with any … [Read more...]

Homemade Dishwasher Detergent Tabs Recipe

Anyone who uses a dishwasher knows they are one of the best appliances to have in a kitchen. The one downside is having to purchase expensive detergents to wash the dishes. If you want a cheaper option to a store-bought detergent, then the best solution is to make homemade dishwasher detergent … [Read more...]

Homemade Toilet Bowl Cleaner

In recent months, our family has been trying to move to more natural and less chemical-laden products. We had gone through so many years turning a blind eye to the huge number of harmful chemicals we were introducing into our home. However, articles that we read started opening our eyes to the … [Read more...]

The Magic Way To Clean Stove Burners

Learning to clean stove burners can be an incredibly annoying household task. Your stove gets dirty so quickly that it feels like the one place in the house that seems to get dirty again while you're cleaning it. Finding the right cleaning product or method doesn't even begin to take all the … [Read more...]

Lemon Basil Natural Cleaning Spray (Borax Free)

There are many reasons why making your own lemon basil natural cleaning spray at home is a wise choice compared to buying store bought products. It can be anxiety provoking to bring home products that are full of chemicals and hazardous compounds that can have devastating effects on your family if … [Read more...]

No-Scrub Natural Toilet Tabs

The use of harsh chemicals is not the only way to clean a toilet. Most people choose to use regular tablets or chemical cleaners as they are convenient. However, no scrub natural toilet tabs are an option if the use of chemical products is not preferred. Making your own toilet tabs is a … [Read more...]

2 Methods For Cleaning Baking Sheets

Have you ever considered just throwing those nasty baking sheets away once they are caked with gunk? It's tempting, but here are two great methods to get rid of the baked-on mess. Doesn't matter how much is caked on your sheets, there are two remedies that will help you get your baking sheets … [Read more...]