How To Make A Delicious 2-Ingredient Chocolate Cake

Do you enjoy having a tasty dessert like a piece of chocolate cake when going out to eat? Making your own cake at home is really easy and can be done from scratch or by using a prepared mix. A better way to do this if you do not want to go to the store is to make a 2-ingredient chocolate … [Read more...]

Homemade Cookie Dough Bowls

How about serving up dessert tonight in some homemade cookie dough bowls? Just plop a scoop of ice cream into each bowl and drizzle with a little of your favorite syrup like fudgy chocolate or salted caramel. Yum! If you are familiar with ice cream that is served on a big chocolate chip cookie, … [Read more...]

How To Make Homemade Cadbury Eggs

Easter is a holiday that is fun for both adults and children. There is Easter egg coloring and stocking up on candy that comes around once each year. One of the staples of Easter candy is the Cadbury Egg. If you want to have this type of candy for Easter or throughout the year, then one option is to … [Read more...]

No-Bake Nutella Cheesecake Recipe

Baking is a task that is done to make many types of products ranging from bread to a cake to cookies and to pie. However, some people may not know how to bake or do not have the time. One idea to consider is recipes that do not require using an oven. A no-bake nutella cheesecake is an option for a … [Read more...]

How To Make Homemade Tootsie Rolls

There are many types of foods that you can make at home instead of buying items at the store. You can make foods that range from full meals to certain types of candy. Making candy at home is fun and will allow you to avoid ingredients that are not healthy. One option is to make homemade tootsie … [Read more...]