20 Awesome DIY Chicken Coop Plans For Homesteaders

A chicken coop does not need to be something that is a basic design or even dull looking. There are many chicken coop plans that you can use to build a structure for your chickens that is truly awesome. 1. Build a chicken coop that has the facade as market counter. 2. Making a chicken coop … [Read more...]

21 Best Chicken Coop Upgrades

Building a new chicken coop is a great idea for a DIY homestead project. If you're searching for your next coop plans or you already have an operational coop, there are several chicken coop upgrades available that you might want to consider. The chicken coop upgrades options listed below will … [Read more...]

47 Chicken Owners Speak Out: “What I’d Wish I’d Known Before Getting Backyard Chickens”

Raising chickens is a great way for people to have a supply of fresh eggs and meat. One thing that may be problematic is the issues that are likely to arise when someone is new to raising chickens. There is a lot of information to learn if you want to start raising backyard chickens. There are a … [Read more...]

Tips For Repelling Coop Critters Naturally

Are you raising chickens on a homestead and have a coop that seems to attract rodents and a variety of other pests? Coop critters are not typically welcome as they often carry disease and will eat the food too. Luckily, repelling coop critters naturally is not that difficult. One of the easiest … [Read more...]

Natural Fly Bunting For Chicken Coop, Barn, And Picnic Area

Are you getting sick and tired of having flies constantly swarming around your chicken coop? Spraying for flies is not the best option because sprays contain harsh chemicals. A better idea is to set up a natural trap to keep flies at bay. A great option is to make natural fly bunting. You can … [Read more...]

How To Clean A Chicken Coop Naturally

Do you use natural products to clean the inside of your home? These cleaners can also be good to clean a chicken coop naturally. All this means is you are not using any chemicals to get your coop clean and sanitized. All you need to do is use a suitable bedding for your birds. The reason to clean … [Read more...]

Build A Chicken Coop That Looks Like A Train

Do you want to start raising chickens and want to build a unique type of coop? A standard design is fine for many people, but there is no reason why you can't be a little creative. You can make a chicken coop in a specific design to have something really unique, like a chicken coop that looks like a … [Read more...]

How To Build An Inexpensive Chicken Tractor

Do you want to free range chickens, but do not have a suitable area? An awesome solution is to make a simple chicken run or tractor that is portable and does not cost a dime. You only need some scrap wood and some chicken wire to build your own chicken tractor. The size of your chicken tractor … [Read more...]

Predator Proof Your Chicken Coop And Run

Raising chickens is a great way to have a steady supply of eggs and a source of meat. If chickens are kept in a coop, then a chicken run may also be used. The biggest threat to chickens kept on a homestead is the various predators in your the area. These predators can range from coyote in rural … [Read more...]

Guide To Designing The Perfect Chicken Coop

People who want to use their property for homesteading or starting a small farm will have many things they need to consider. One of the most important things to consider is how to use their property to supply food. One way to do this is to have a garden. Another option is to raise chickens for eggs … [Read more...]