How To Wax Cheese For Long Term Storage

Have you ever bought cheese from the store or at a market that is covered in wax? Wax is used to keep cheese fresh during long term storage. If you are interested in making your own cheese, then one thing you need to do is learn how to wax cheese. The process for how to wax cheese is not that … [Read more...]

How To Dehydrate Cheese And How To Use It

Do you raise goats for milk and know how to make your own cheese? If you have an ample supple, then one option is to dehydrate it. Yes, you can dehydrate cheese if you have the right equipment. If you make your own beef jerky, then the dehydrator you use is already available. The important thing … [Read more...]

How To Make Homemade Blue Cheese

Learning how to make various types of foods at home is a great way to save money. People who like to cook may want to learn how to make many types of foods. If you are a fan of cheese, then one type you can easily make at home is blue cheese. The process to make homemade blue cheese is not … [Read more...]

How To Make Homemade Pimento Cheese

A family gathering or a get together with friends often means having a lot of food. The options for food are almost limitless, but may depend on the type of occasion. One thing that is often a hit before a meal is a snack or appetizer made with homemade pimento cheese. You only need a few … [Read more...]

20 Surprising Uses For A Cheese Grater

Anyone who watches cooking shows knows many different kitchen utensils are often used. One item in a kitchen that is very versatile, but gets little respect is a cheese grater. This is a simple tool you can use for many different tasks based on the particular need. Many cooking programs often … [Read more...]

Homemade Ricotta Cheese Recipe

Making a “true” ricotta cheese means using whey. This is not an ingredient most people have on hand and is the reason an alternative method is used to make homemade ricotta cheese. A few ingredients that you may already have in your kitchen can be used to make a batch of this ricotta cheese using … [Read more...]

Halloumi Cheese Recipe

Halloumi cheese is a wonderful cheese traditionally made from goat or sheep milk and has such a high melting point that you can easily fry or grill the cheese slices by themselves and create a delicious snack with a striking flavor and texture. This fabulous tutorial will walk you through the steps … [Read more...]

How To Dehydrate Cheese DIY

Learning how to dehydrate cheese is a clever way to keep cheese viable for a much longer period and to maintain it without refrigeration. This clever tutorial will take you through each step of cheese dehydration and includes several helpful tips to make the process easier and more successful. The … [Read more...]

How To Make Homemade String Cheese

Who knew cheese could be so fun? Kids, and adult alike, just love string cheese because it makes eating just a tad bit fun. Peeling off strips of delicious mozzarella has delighted many for years, and now you can make this tasty treat right at home for snacks. Plus you’ll have it on-hand to pack for … [Read more...]