How To Can Venison {Tender & Tasty!}

The process that is used to can meat is not difficult if you are using the right equipment. If you hunt for deer or have obtained deer meat, then canning venison is a good option. You will need to use a pressure canning device when you want to can this type of meat for later use. The venison that … [Read more...]

Crockpot Recipes For Canned Venison

Many people who like to hunt deer do so primarily for the venison that is available. This is the meat that is harvested from the deer. You can have venison cut into steaks, chops, and loins based on a specific need or preference. If the venison is not needed right away, then it can be frozen or … [Read more...]

Busting The Canned Food Expiration Myth

Many foods that go unused in a home or that are not purchased in a store often are¬†thrown out due to having an ominous expiration or sell-by date. Throwing out food that is passed the expiration date is something¬†many people do regularly. However, some foods can be perfectly fine to prepare after … [Read more...]