What To Look For In A Survival Pocket Knife

There are many types of tools and supplies people will use for survival. If you are preparing for a disaster or emergency properly, then you may already have what you need. One item that you should have for survival is a survival pocket knife. A standard survival knife is much larger than most … [Read more...]

21 Foil Wrapped Camping Recipes

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DIY Illuminated Tree Stumps

The fall seasons is a great time to go camping or to spend an evening around a campfire. A great way to add custom seating for a fire pit or campfire is to add some illuminated tree stumps. These are not hard to make if you are looking for something fun to do or want to make something that is … [Read more...]

Camper Cooler Breakfast Bricks

Do you want a really fun way to quickly prepare breakfast when on a camping trip? A great option is to make a batch of frozen breakfast bricks that are really easy to cook. The only thing you will need to do is make sure a campfire is available and you have a cooler to keep food cold until it is … [Read more...]

How To Make A Portable Washing Station

Do you do a lot of work outside or enjoy activities like camping, but lack access to a creek or have water for washing your hands? Washing your hands is important and can easily be done using any container that can hold water. A great idea is to make a portable washing station. A plastic jug is … [Read more...]

Natural Camping Tips And Ideas You Will Love

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How To Build A Micro Camper

Do you have an old utility trailer or a cargo trailer similar to a small U-Haul? This is a perfect item that can be used to build a micro camper that can be taken on any camping trip. The best part is the cost of the project will be less than buying a unit that is brand new. The proper tools and … [Read more...]

15 Secrets To Dutch Oven Cooking

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How To Make A Wire Toaster For Camping And Outdoor Cooking

Making toast when camping is not a simple task as you typically do not have a toaster. This will not be a problem if you have something else that will work just as well. You can easily make a wire toaster for camping by using a metal coat hanger. The key to being able to make a wire toaster for … [Read more...]

101 Genius Camping Ideas For Your Next Camping Trip

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