Guide: Make A Strawberry Planter From A Kitty Litter Bucket

Do you have cats as pets and go through a lot of kitty litter? If you buy the product in buckets, then you have a great item that can have a lot of uses. Buckets are good for storage, but you know you can make a strawberry planter from a kitty litter bucket? You can easily make a strawberry … [Read more...]

Homemade Fresh Fish Fertilizer

Do you like to fish, but have no use for the scraps left over after cleaning your fish? The scraps will be a great base to make a homemade fish fertilizer. All you need for this project is a single 5-gallon bucket that still has its lid. If you are familiar with making compost using a bucket, … [Read more...]

Turn Trash Into Black Gold With This Amazing Simple Bucket System

People who homestead will often think of something other than oil when someone mentions black gold. The black gold that is valuable to a homesteader is compost. An ingenious bucket system can be used if you want a great way to turn trash into black gold. A regular 5-gallon bucket is all that you … [Read more...]

DIY Fertile Soil | A Simple Fertilizer From The Greek Gods

Running out of beer is never good, but beer that is skunked is even worse. Instead of throwing out beer that is no longer good to drink, use it to make a¬†fertilizer to have fertile soil. The nutrients in beer will provide an awesome alternative to using commercial fertilizer. A few simple … [Read more...]