How To Remove Bees From A Wall

Do you have an area or your home or an outbuilding where a lot of bees seem to be flying around? Bee hives are usually¬†found inside walls and in other concealed areas of a home or other building. This is the reason you may want to know how to remove bees from a wall. You do not want to kill the … [Read more...]

How To Make Honey Bee Boxes

Do you have all the tools that you need to do a lot of woodworking projects at home, but do not have a project in mind?. If you are interested in raising bees for honey, then you may want to make honey bee boxes. You can also build these to sell for some extra cash. The best thing about being … [Read more...]

How To Make Barrel Drum Top Bar Bee Hive

Producing your own food is a great way to be self sufficient. One option that can provide you food to use for many applications is honey. Honey is a product that comes from bees. This means keeping bees in a hive at your home. You can easily purchase box style bee hives, but these are expensive. The … [Read more...]