A Bed That Launches You Into The Air In The Morning

Are you looking for a fun project to do at home? Something you can do that may just be a perfect idea is to make an ejector bed. This is a device that will lift your bed straight up so you will fall out and onto the floor. A bed that launches you into the air can be useful in many … [Read more...]

Make A Bed Frame Veggie Garden

Do you have an old bed frame that you are thinking of scrapping or putting out on the curb? You have a lot of ways to use an old bed frame around your home. This item will be perfect to make your own bed frame veggie garden. You can add a bed frame veggie garden to your home as a decorative … [Read more...]

How To Build Your Own Murphy Bed

Do you have a home that is small, but a desire to have room for people to spend the night? One option for you to save space in one or more rooms in your home is to build your own Murphy bed. This is a great idea for anyone who wants to have a bed that is hidden. The key to being able to build … [Read more...]

DIY Toddler Bed Rail Plans

Parents who want to upgrade a young child from a crib to a big boy or big girl bed are often concerned about the child's safety. This is why extra precaution like pushing the bed against a wall or adding bed rails is often needed. If you like to do DIY projects at home, then simple bed rail plans … [Read more...]